How to Shop for 120ml vape juice watermelon

Before you shop for eliquid, first, you need to know is vaping safe?  Actually, this has been the question of many vapers for so many years.  Finally, a study made by UK Cancer Research compared regular cigarette smokers, former smokers who are now vapers, old smokers but now use NRT and those who simultaneously use NRT, smoke or vape.  The study has proven that those people who are vapers alone had 97% lower carcinogens than those who presently smoke cigarettes or in NRT.  So if you are asking if eliquid is safer than your cigarettes, then definitely YES!

Now, it is time to shop for 120ml vape juice watermelon, when shopping for this, what is the amount of nicotine that I should get?  The answer is really based on your choice and habit.  If you smoke heavily then you can go for 6mg.  If you just casually smoke, then you can just get 3mg of nicotine.  The best thing about affordable eliquid is that it can help you in choosing or playing with the levels of nicotine without saving too much money.  You can try buying a sample bottle of eliquid for $1 and even lesser just to check what suits you best.

Now if you want to know if the e-juice with flavor can leave you with a smell?  One thing about tobacco cigarettes is the bad odor of its smoke, so is it the same with e-juice?  If you try some puffs of Watermelon in a patio, are people around you going to be disturbed?  The answer is no.  Vaping may emit clouds of vapor but it can also emit some sweet flavored aroma that disappears as fast as it appears.  Just make sure that you don’t make gigantic vapor clouds, and then you should be good to go.

You and the people around no need to worry about the second hand smoke as well, because it is not harmful like the cigarette smoke.  Based on the study, tobacco smoke has 60 different carcinogens, where vapor only has a few, so no worries.